Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Take A Look: Autumn Feature-tte Video

 Autumn is almost over, but not for at least another month or so. Wanted to share some autumn-ish fashion accessories in my shop, A Bergie Creation. I made a mini video feature-tte to watch!
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Watch ABC's Autumn Features Below

Saturday, October 21, 2017

ANNOUNCEMENT - NEW! And A Sneak Peek! Handmade Jewellry Making Supplies

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So today, I want to announce Something brand-new. If you follow my Creativity blog, "HeArtfully Creating", Then you know that I love Working with Polymer clay. It takes a long time To create beautiful pieces. Of course all work is done Out of love. The intention is Every time I make beads or jewelry components, That I will be making jewelry out of those creations. Turns out, I enjoy making the components So much so, That I haven't actually been creating  jewelry pieces as much as I had planned on in the beginning. It's kind of like an addiction I guess. Every time I sit down, ha ha- I Use wheelchair so I'm hours sitting down 😊 - And begin to create some new Beads, pendants or dangles, etc, I can't seem to stop trying Different Colours, Variations, And shapes. Which now means, I have a large collection of handmade beads.

And as I admire my recent Autumn leaf dangles, that I originally envisioned being some sort of bracelet or necklace, the thought came to me... Why let  all these Unique and beautiful pieces keep building up and being unused? Why not Sell them in my shop? There are many great jewelry artists out there, who have the passion and drive to make their own Handmade artisan jewellry, And prefer to purchase Artisan be made by other artists. I have done it myself, Before I began working in polymer clay. The majority of my life's been spent making two-dimensional art on canvas or paper. Then I delved into jewelry
making in 2008, A few years ago I began working in Three-dimensions Using polymer clay. Like I said,  originally, hoping to make polymer clay jewelry out of my own beads. I do have some pieces in my Shop As you can see, But I seem to really enjoy painting with Clay so much that I run out of time to make as much  Jewelry as I wanted to. And because my physical health, Isn't what it used to be- My productivity time Has been sliced in half. So makes sense To focus on What I enjoy the most, When I'm able to do it.

No, it doesn't mean I won't be making anymore, But is just something Extra I can do, to offer Limited additions Of my Handmade artisan beads for sale. , But do you have time to make some incredible jewelry pieces.

What makes jewelry extra special, Aside from Art pieces being one-of-a-kind- Is when the beads are also one-of-a-kind And cannot be found anywhere else.

So effective today, I am listening my first handmade polymer clay Jewelry making Components. These really beautiful Autumn leaves, (I am calling
them "Mighty Oakly") that I originally created, Then made a mold for it, and now have a limited number of them. Once they're sold, that will be it. I may make more but in a different colour. How cool is that?
Sneak Peek! This will be my first set of handmade bead dangles: Original- Limited edition of my original "oak" leaf design- will be available as me
So here are some of my bead collections. No, not all I am sharing will be listed for sale because I really do hope to transform them into jewellery.

Monday, September 18, 2017

A Closer Look: New Video Featuring "Val"- Geo Hoops

Hello everyone. It has been a while since I have made any new posts regarding my shop. Definitely been a crazy summer. Hey that reminds me of a movie from the 1980s called "One Crazy Summer," with a much younger John Cusack. Would I recommend the movie? Well.... it was definitely one shop talk. It is hard to believe that my shop has been open since 2008, I am not that great with math but that means almost 10 years! Time sure flies by.  one of my number one bestsellers has and still is (or is it are?), The Mini collection. You will see a few of them at the end of the video that I made just for this post. Over 1000 pairs sold all over the world! It is an honor just knowing that :o)

crazy Summer. Anyhoo, back to

Geo Hoops?
Back to a closer look inside my studio... These style of earrings are similar to the mini collection, that's why brought them up. They're made with wire, usually hammered for texture, and are flat so they can be mailed with free shipping, in a letter style envelope. However, they are not the same and that they are rectangle hoops instead of round swirl or spiral hoops. They're actually rectangle swirls or spirals. They aren't actually new to my shop because I first designed them back in my shop began. What's new about them today is I have decided to offer them in a couple of different metals. Instead of just silver-plated (excellent quality silverplating that is), I will now make them in solid copper and solid brass. All of them an eighteen 18 gauge wire.

Want to see more of these classic yet new rectangle hoop earrings, Watch my short video below.

Hula Hoop A Rectangle?
No it doesn't make sense to call a rectangle a hoop. Ever try to hula hoop a rectangle? Anything with a corner for that matter? Nope, it just doesn't work. I call them rectangle hoops for lack of a better word. Just like regular hoops, you know the round kind, they are put on the same way. This shape is just different. As you look in my shop, you will see that I call all of those kind of flat earrings, "hoops." Be it a rectangle, triangle, square or round. Lack of a better word really. I think you get the idea.

These earrings just like the MINI collection, are very easy to wear and are lightweight. If you're interested in seeing more of what is in my shop at Etsy, just click here A Bergie Creation.

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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

New! MANY RIVERS - Handmade Polymer Clay and Silk and Chiffon Sari Ribbon Multi Strand Necklace

Many Rivers Necklace- Just listed in my Etsy Shop- A Bergie Creation!
I have been really enjoying making polymer clay tube beads so much that my collection has been increasing more and more. Which means I just admire them but had not turned any of them into jewellery pieces. That was until this week. I really love ocean blues and greens and that is what this piece is all about. As well, I got to incorporate silk and chiffon sari ribbons! The necklace has a sari ribbon that can be tied to adjust it's length. Just click here to see more in my shop!

Watch more Below!
I have taken so many pictures, I turned them into a creative inspiration video for my blog Heartfully Creating. Just watch it below if you are interested :0)

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Saturday, July 15, 2017

A Closer Look @ "RICKI" Polymer Clay Art Bead Long Dangle Earrings.

Yay, another pair of handmade, polymer clay and glass long earrings called, "Ricki,"  in my Etsy Shop, A Bergie Creation. The abstract design was created using the mokume game technique in blue, green and gold. Take a look at the additional detail photos in a short video I made below:
Watch Here:

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A Closer Look Inside My Studio @ VIKTORIA - My Polymer Clay and Sari Ribbon Pendant Necklace

Here it is! Take a detailed, closer look at "Viktoria." The video below, features extra pictures of before, during and after the creation process. Hoping to give a better look at this handmade pendant necklace that I am listing (click here), in my Etsy shop, A Bergie Creation.   
Watch The "Viktoria"Video Here:

A Few Thoughts About Viktoria
Turquoise green is one of my most favourite colours. I know I am not alone because it is a colour that is appearing everywhere! This pendant necklace was designed using a blended turquoise green polymer clay on a metallic gold with copper as well. The turquoise was used to do the sutton slice technique in a Lisa Pavelka floral stamp design. She is a well known polymer clay artist who has great stamps, books and tutorials. I usually make my own textures and designs but for the sutton slice I needed to use a rubber stamp. Click my Creativity blog here if you want to see how I made this piece from scratch.

Once the piece was fired, I turned the oval shape into a metallic looking pendant using clay and mica powders. Enhancing the metallic feel with a copper coil bale. To add a bit of a sheen, the floral piece was coated with a clear embossing powder. The entire pendant was suspended on turquoise blue/green and taupe coloured silk sari ribbon and a handmade copper clasp with wire wrapped ends.

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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Yay! Celebrating 1500 Sales With a 20% Off Coupon Code Discount!!!

In 2008, A Bergie Creation began as one of many Etsy shops. My artistic life up until then, was all about two dimensional art, painting and illustrating. Once I began making wearable art in three dimensions, and later painting with polymer clay, my creativity expanded into areas I never imagined. Physical accessibility has always been an issue, so being able to sell my work from our home studio has been a great experience thus far.  I took a screenshot and officially it is actually my 1502nd sale!!
Living in Canada, it is a great thing knowing people all over the world have a piece of your jewellery! 
Celebrate 20% Off Coupon Discount!
Today I want to offer a special one week 20% off Celebration and Thank You  Coupon Discount for anyone who is interested!
Minimum purchase:  $30.00 USD or more.
The last day is July 19th. 
Just type in the code: celebrate1500 in the coupon code box during checkout!  
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Thursday, June 29, 2017

A Closer Look! Checkout A Short Video About "FUNKALISCIOUS" - Polymer Clay And Resin. With Sari Ribbon. Art Necklace

Take a Closer and Behind the scenes look at Funkaliscious, my new cool art piece necklace. You can connect directly to this one of a kind art pendant here in my Etsy shop!
Watch the short video right here to see all I can't show on Etsy! 

Click here to go to the HeArtfully Creating post about this fun piece.
Here Is Original Leaf and the Mold I made using silicone and cornstarch and acrylic paint for colour.

Funkaliscious, my new cool art piece necklace.
Funkaliscious, my new cool art piece necklace.

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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

A Closer Look! Checkout A Short Video About "WEAVE" - Versatile

Yay, my new wearable art pieces just listed. Here is a closer look at "WEAVE"  at my Etsy Shop, A Bergie Creation....

Have you ever tried knitting with needles? How about knitting on an old wooden thread  spool that has some nails hammered into it? Well my Dad taught me when I was little all about the fun they spool knitting. Then they would coil the knitted tube into a rug, just stitching it together into a big oval or circle. Well, wooden spools are an antique these days, not to mention small. So, I decided to figure out how to make a spool to knit cords and wire on with my polymer clay. Yes, spool knitting does look like viking knit, but I tried the viking knit and I didn't get very far. So much to my delight, I realized that I achieved a similar look, but in a much simpler way.
If you want to know how to make a spool of your own click  here. 

All of the extra detail photos of this versatile necklace are in the video I made for it below! Enjoy :0)   

Take A Closer Look At "Weave" 
Watch Video Below