Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Behind the Scenes, In The Studio: What Have I Been Creating?

Howdy guys!  I have been diligently working creating one of a kind, original texture plates so I can make some beautiful earrings. Just when I thought I had some great completed pieces of wearable art, I too my usual zillions of photographs for my online Etsy shop, A Bergie Creation (click here). But,as
I was editing them, I noticed, thanks to direct sunlight and the macro photography setting on my Canon pocket digital camera....  Tiny little bubbles in the polyurethane gloss appeared! This has been a learning process.  I thought I was so careful.

So unfortunately, I will be longer getting my new work listed. But, I really liked the pieces I thought were okay so I wanted to at least share them as a Behind the Scenes, In My Studio post.

The first piece has, thanks to the inspiration of Christi Friesen's polymer clay art work, where she talks about incorporating inclusions, which is anything not made from polymer clay. I incorporated items like micro beads and a small faceted Glass bead. The surface was then treated with Mica Powder, acrylic paint, and finished with that frustrating water based polyurethane. I thought it looked great at first, but then as you take the photos under direct sunlight, then you see all those darn bubbles...teeny ones!

Maybe I am being too picky. Oh
well, it is important to perfect my work so customers receive professional wearable art! Creating is always a learning process.
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Saturday, March 11, 2017

NEW! Saturday Sneak Peek!-Behind The Scenes

Happy Saturday everyone!
Hope all is groovy and well.
The past couple of months have been gearing up to release and list some new pieces of jewellery! So today, I want to share a sneak peek at these amazing polymer clay pieces that I have created using texture plates and rollers that I created  myself (so no copying of other artist's work, which is important to me as an artist. For those who use some of the beautiful ready made texture sheets and rollers, that is great. Whatever works for you. Just know that it is totally possible to make your very own designs and texture making tools, plates and rollers!

One Of A Kind - No Other Patterns Or Pieces Like These!
As well as using my own texture patterns, I also did some surface treatments that revealed a really cool rustic/patins look and metallic in some pieces. The backs of some look like hammered metal! Love it.

Inspired By
Being inspired by Christi Friesen's work, she adds a lot of other elements/inclusions, in the first pair below, I incorporated some copper tone micro marbles and a faceted glass bead for texture and sparkle.  Of course, amazing mica powders, always enhance any piece. Acrylic paints and polyurethane glaze also were used to achieve these really interesting effects.
As soon as I complete these pieces by transforming them into jewellery, I will be posting the news on here!

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Friday, March 3, 2017

New! Finally Friday's Feature!! _ Life and Agate

Welcome guys! It is almost the end of Friday, but still not too late For Finally Friday's Feature. It has been a great week.  Orders have been coming in for the ever popular "MINI Collection." Always excited to receive orders from overseas! This week, I got to send a pair to the United Kingdom!

As well this week, I have joined some wonderful polymer clay Facebook community pages, one of them was Christi Friesen's Creative neighbourhood. She is one of my most favourite polymer clay artists to watch. She is the rock star of the polymer clay world. What meant so much is that she is very personable and actually responds to my messages. Unlike other famous folks who are just too busy or something else, to respond to their fans - she is down to earth, wise and funny! It was special enough just getting to connect with her (she has shared some great advice that I know will help me as an artist.), turns out you can win things on her page sometimes. So, I saw a list and commented about how cool that was. Then after submitting my comment, I went back to read other people's comments and lo and behold, I saw my name on the winners list! Woohoo! Never win anything and now I get to wait for mail to come all the way to Canada from Christi Friesen. I think it may be something that she made, or at least touched :o) Can't wait.

As well, I have inspired by an online, UK, new sensation. Her channel is called The Unruly Housewife. Been enjoying her polymer clay tutorials and most of all her personality. I love a great sense of humour! She also shares some vlogs as well. Fun to watch.

Jewellery making wise, it's been  a fun couple of weeks experimenting and working on new jewellery making ideas. Soon, something brand new will be listed in my shop. As well, I have been busy working on making corresponding videos for my blogs. Take a look at HeArtfully Creating (here), Walking, Way Overrated (here), Sure Hope Gazette (here). As well as my You tube Channel A Bergie Creation (here) and finally working on a new HeArtfully Creating Facebook Page (here). A Bergie Creation Facebook page is right here, if you are interested, please LIKE,Share, Subscribe and all that fun stuff! It helps a lot!

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The Bay - Crackled Agate Stone Wrap Bracelet

Red Agate Earrings

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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

THE MINI COLLECTION: Handmade Spiral Hoops In Assorted Sizes

Hi guys! A Bergie Creation's number one seller since 2008, has been the "MINI" Collection. Wanting to create a handmade item that was affordable and would be easy to ship worldwide using a regular
envelope, the flat, wire hoop was created. Not saying that no one else creates earrings like these, but, the idea came and I began selling them very quickly. To date, world wide, there are over 1000 pairs of A Bergie Creation (That's me, Anita Berglund :o) MINI collection assorted hoops on people's ear lobes! Pretty cool. Just today, I am processing an order for a silver filled pair to the United Kingdom! I love the idea of my jewellery being sent to people across the ocean - from Canada!
The bestest thing of all is these earrings are mailed for FREE -all over the world! To enable that, I use regular envelope mail, so it can take longer than special packet mail. But, Customers do  have the option to pay for shipping upgrade. 

As you can see in the item descriptions in my shop on Etsy, these earrings are offered in a variety of metals, solid copper, brass, German Nickel Silver, Oxidized Copper, and Silver Filled and Gold Filled (not solid). Because the silver filled and gold filled 24k, is such a good quality at an affordable price, I do not sell solid sterling or gold. Just too expensive. When a wire says "filled" it is a base wire like brass, specially layered with the precious metal like silver or gold, making it much more durable than anything labelled, "Plated." Over 1000 sales of these earrings and no complaints about allergies or sensitivities. So that is why "filled" is a great affordable substitute.
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Friday, February 24, 2017


Spring is in the has been in our neck of the woods that is for sure. I selected a few featured pieces that make me think of warmer temps and sunshine :0)

To have a closer look, click on the title of each item. All of my jewellery has been designed and created by me, Anita Berglund.
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