Friday, May 25, 2018

Inside My Studio: What I Have Been Up To!

Hi guys. Sorry it has been a while since sharing anything here. Been a busy winter and spring. My shop sales were up, so that was a treat. It is always a special moment, knowing another piece of my jewellery will be worn around the world somewhere!

Here is a video below from my creativity blog, that shows details on some bridal hair accessories I have been trying out for some dear young ladies in iur life.  

Hope they like them. Now I have been wondering if anyone would be interested if I designed some for my shop. Please comment below to let me know or Convo me at my Etsy Shop A Bergie Creation. Love making them. 

As well I am posting a couple more photos of some other pieces I have been working on. 
Hope you are having a great Spring or Fall, depending where you are in this world!

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Have a great day. Here is the link to my shop.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Behind the scenes, Inside my Studio!

My newest discovery that will be appearing on new jewellery pieces!
Happy March 2018 everyone! Hard to believe that winter is almost over. That is if you live in Canada or somewhere around this half of the globe. Sorry it has been a while since I've shared anything new and exciting. It has been a busy winter working on art projects, jewellery making of course, polymer clay, illustrating, dealing with health issues, not to mention, this is been a season all about old things being replaced, including my 12 year old power wheelchair. Which has been quite a process and thankfully, Is finally complete. If you're interested in knowing more about that side of our life, feel free to check out our blog walking way overrated.

If you are interested, my Etsy shop, A Bergie Creation is here and you can like my ABC Facebook page here!

What have I been working On These past Months?
First of all I have been working on something to brighten up our windows as the snow insists on staying this winter. They also make great gifts to. Who am I kidding, it always sticks around in northwestern Ontario. I don't sell these window clings, so far anyway,  in my shop, but I do you want to show you -since it something I've been working on in my studio. If you want to learn more about faux how I make stain glass, hair is my creativity blog/ with videos HeArtfully Creating!

Newest Discovery!
Being an artist, I love art supplies. One new supply that I discovered this winter, and can't get enough of, are nail art powders. Not the traditional mica powders, that we see in  eyeshadows and such. (I love mica too)
This powders, flakes and glitter powder, are called chrome, chameleon, and mirror chrome. They contain 2 to 3 colors all in one powder or flake. It is amazing to me the plethora of polymer clay decorating possibilities, that exists in the nail art supply World.
Needless to say, I've  been experimenting as I apply it to Polymer Clay and resin pieces. Here are just a few photographs. So you can see why, I've become a bit obsessed with these beautiful  powders.

And Now For My Most Recent Jewelry Creation..
Just a week or so ago, I was excited when another one of my polymer clay bracelets sold in my shop! It was another one of the beautiful heart charm bracelets, created with polymer clay. Bracelets aren't something that I have a lot of in my shop. I tend to focus on necklaces and earrings. So I thought I would try designing some new bracelets that I have never done before, cuff and bangle style in polymer clay!
I want to share a sneak peek at what I have created so far this past week. They're not complete yet. Finishing touches matter a lot. But at least I can show you where I am at so far. My hope is that they will be ready to be listed for sale within the next week or two.

Monday, January 29, 2018

A Bergie Creation: Inside My Studio - A Closer Look At "Reveal" - Necklace


Yay, I just realized that my Etsy shop, A Bergie Creation, has been open for ten years (officially in October), 2008-2018! Just had to share that :o)
To Watch The Short "Reveal" video now, Click Right Below To See

If you follow my You Tube Channel, my ABC or HeArtfully Creating blogs, you will already know
how much I love working in polymer Clay and creating tube beads! Needless to say, I built up quite a collection before turning them into beautiful pieces of jewellery.
(Recently, I have been hooked on making faux stained glass window clingies.)

Back to tube I listed one of my favourite tube bead necklaces called, "Reveal," so far. I love the jewel
tones of Jade or Emerald Green, Cobalt Blues That turn into royal Tanzanite blue/Violet. There is almost a tanzanite hue as well, ever see tanzanite? Absolutely stunning blue/violet and absolutely a stone I will never own. But hey, the internet makes gem gazing possible thanks to the gorgeous digital photos, making even the tiniest of stones look huge!

The yarn that inspired this necklace is super soft and fuzzy. I bought the yarn because I loved the colour combination along with how the strands were structured, looking like soft cords for making multi strand necklaces.

I wanted to share more photos in a short "In My Studio - A
Closer Look," video. So enjoy soaking in these jewelled hues. It was fun creating the beads and then working with such soft and gorgeous yarn!

And thank you to ten years of customer support, making my  shop a possibility!

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A Bergie Creation: Inside My Studio - A Closer Look At NEW Options for HOOPS Available

Since 2008, My Etsy shop, A Bergie Creation Has a number one seller called "The Mini" Collection. These are small 15mm-25mm Why Spiral or swirl Hoops. And thanks to special requests from customers, I also created a larger variation of these called The Not So MINI and Twister styles. They were 40mm across.
Well recently, thanks to a great customer's request,  I have expanded The choices of metal for the larger earrings in a thinner 20 gauge wire. Until last week, the standard size wire was 18 gauge.
And the only available 20 gauge Twister style, was in silver plated wire.
So now, I have added the options of 20 gauge in the Notso Mini and expanded the ,etal choices in the Twister style.

And as well, I expanded the size to 45mm. Happy to make these options available, it made sense to make a Closer Look video for my ABC Shop blog, check it out above!

Hope you enjoy them! And thank you to ten years of customer support, making my  shop a possibility!

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Saturday, December 2, 2017

A Bergie Creation: A Short Video About My Artistic Process And My Etsy Shop

I recently made a video to help give potential customers insight into my Artistic process, to help others wanting to know more about my Etsy Shop, A Bergie Creation. It is posted under the "About This Shop" section at my ABC Etsy site. Just Click here to see my shop. 
And if you like, watch my new short "About my Artistic Process" Below!

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

A Closer Look At "Induction"- Sari Ribbon, Copper and Handmade Polymer Clay Tube Beads

Yay, INDUCTION- another new one of a kind polymer clay tube bead and sari ribbon necklace. See it here in my Etsy Shop A Bergie Creation. Here are a pile more photos of this funky new piece!
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A Bergie Creation: Inside My Studio- A Sneak Peek At "Cerendipity"

I  apologize that this necklace has been listed in my shop, it isn't a sneak peek, like I planned when I made the video. So you can click here to see it in my Etsy Shop. And watch below to  see many more photos of this really cool necklace.